The 3D View - Living Your Successful Life Story

The 3D View - Living Your Successful Life Story
Author: Stephen Blewett
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Exquisitely written stories about the qualities that wild animals have that we as humans do not. The qualities imbued in each animal (eagle, elephant, leopard, hyena for example) can be used to complete oour characters and make us more rounded and succesful people in our daily lives and interactions with others.

" In a very accessible, precise and racy style, this book will help you find your strengths, where you thought your weaknesses lay. With his fun filled story driven book, the author demystifies leadership. You cannot engage with it and still see life, work and achievement the same way."
Mondli Makhanya - Editor Sunday Times.


Book Details
ISBN 9780981427805
Sub-Title Living Your Successful Life Story
Format Paperback
Pages 176
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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