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Increasing upheavals in nature indicate that our planet is approaching an era of transition. At the same time, a deepening yearning for spiritual living is manifesting
worldwide. Prophecies from various cultures indicate that a new golden age of spiritual consciousness is dawning, an age of lovingness,
peace and abundance.  
The book PROPHECIES, compiled by Aart Jurriaanse from the Ageless Wisdom Teachings of the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul and now edited for the 21st century, contains remarkable prophecies on humanity’s future - revealing far-reaching developments in science, religion and philosophy, while defining the laws of life and emphasizing the power of Love.  His guidance will inspire you to realize your immense potential and awaken the awareness of your inner divinity.

Book Details
ISBN 9780620524520
Format paperback
Pages 254
Publisher Self Published

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